Teaching at Healesville Primary is an extremely rewarding experience. We feel privileged to have a job that puts a smile on our face every day and there is never a dull minute in the Prep Level. Prep is a huge year of growth and we love watching the new little students mature and develop into independent learners. We enjoy their excitement and passion for learning as well as working closely with parents to help mould these inquiring minds. The Prep room is in our BER building with the grade 1/2 classes. Our classrooms are bright, happy, welcoming places full of love, learning and laughter.

Prep Program

We use Jolly Phonics as a foundation of our reading/writing and spelling program.

Our Numeracy lessons are very hands-on, using lots of games, puzzles and manipulatives.

Our Inquiry program helps us form connections with our community. Some highlights include visits from our local baker, police officers, doctors and excursions to the Healesville Sanctuary. We participate in small science experiments, try our hand at gardening in our school garden, care for our school chickens and learn about how we can make our world more sustainable.

We are extremely passionate about our program and take genuine pride in watching our little learners grow.