Grades 1 & 2

In Grades 1&2, we are on our way to becoming independent learners. We are creative, curious, and full of questions. Our 1/2 students learn in bright and inviting learning spaces, where there is plenty of opportunities to collaborate and work with students from the other 1/2 classrooms


In Literacy, we share our love of books and explore a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. We continue to develop our knowledge of letter-sound relationships and spelling patterns and gain the confidence to read and write more independently.

We use the Reader’s Workshop model for our reading with the focus that ‘reading is thinking’. Students are encouraged to become confident and curious readers by being supported to develop a wide variety of skills. They also learn to demonstrate their thinking and learning with the use of a reader’s notebook.

Similar to reading we also use the Writer’s Workshop model where we encourage students to be creative with their writing and through the use of their Writer’s Notebook they are able to develop their ideas. Students thoroughly enjoy their writing time where they can explore various genres including; narratives, poems, recounts, information texts and persuasive texts.



In Maths, our 1/2 students are active and engaged learners who explore new concepts using a hands-on and collaborative approach. We use a range of concrete materials to support their thinking and develop a wide range of numeracy strategies. Students participate in number talks and make connections to real-world examples of maths.

1/2 Inquiry Units

In Inquiry, the 1/2 students continue to develop their understanding of the world around us. We explore science, building our knowledge of the Earth, light and sound, living things and forces. We develop our technology skills, design and digital with lots of hands-on activities. We participate in a range of interesting excursions, such as visits to the Healesville Sanctuary, Queens Park and the swimming pool. In 2023 we will also be having a science incursion about Light & Sound!

We participate in a Junior School Sports day, Cross Country run and Swimming Sports.