Grades 3 & 4

In Year 3/4, students continue to develop their Numeracy and Literacy skills. They build upon the fundamental skills taught in the early years and begin to extend and apply these concepts and skills in rich open-ended tasks with a focus on real world contexts. 

Our classrooms are large, bright, and engaging learning environments where students have the room to grow, learn and play! 

The students in Year 3/4 begin to recognise their personal strengths and are supported to identify goals that they would like to work upon. Students identify the factors that contribute to positive relationships with peers, other people at school, in the community and that align with our core school values. They learn to work in teams, work collaboratively, give feedback and use cooperative behaviours.

Students in Year 3/4 are assigned a personal laptop to use whilst at school. All class members belong to their Google Classroom where teachers can post links, articles, and interactive resources to support learning when integrating Literacy, Numeracy andInquiry units of study. Students use their devices when researching, to collaborate with peers and to compose and publish their work.

Students in Year 3/4 also participate in the school camping program, which focuses on outdoor education, where they foster a love for the environment, and their emerging independence is nurtured.

Our students are active members of the Healesville community by participating and contributing to local events and initiatives. Such events include the annual Tree Planting workshop throughout the township of Healesville in conjunction with H.E.W.I. and Yarra Ranges Council.